This is a blog of Cafes (and Pubs) with a view, mainly in South East England.

Usually they are beach (or cliff top) cafes, but there are a few on the crest of hills or even parks, rivers or lakes.

Why? I just love sitting on a terrace watching the sun glint on the waves. Abroad its no problem. Greece, Italy, Turkey, Spain, ... every beautiful spot, every crest of a hill, or coastal promontory has a cafe-bar to enjoy it from over a carafe of wine. In England, well, they just don't give planning permission for such things.

For example, the South Downs ridge in the new National Park of its namesake. Its 100 miles long, but there are are only 2 places. One is a pub near Beachy Head, the other is a visitor centre kiosk. Sure, some places have to be wilderness for walkers, but some have to be for the general public, the young, the old, and the less able who would also love to drink in the view (over a cold beer).

All the places mentioned herein you can drive to (and most have public transport). A few may not have step-free access though - best to check before travelling.


And do reach out to us if we've missed a spot that you think is special

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