Hampstead and the Royal Parks : Green City Spine

Hampstead Heath - Primrose Hill - Regent's Park - Hyde Park - Green Park - St.James' Park -The River Thames

Brief description:
You start in the wilds of Hampstead Heath and end by the Houses of Parliament on the River Thames with a maximum of ten minutes on roads between each park. Who would have though you can spend 2 hours walking in green spaces in the heart of the city. Forget the remote London Ring and London Loop, this is central London at it's best.

Estimate of about 6 miles / 10km

Time to walk:
2.5 hours, without breaks. (But an ice-cream, pint and picnic on the way help immeasurably.)

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Steve said...

You can start much further north arrive at the heath extension via the Dollis valley walk - which is itself joined by the capital ring.