Richmond Park, Wimbledon Common and Putney Heath

Richmond Park, Wimbledon Common and Putney Heath are adjacent to one another in south west London. Each has a different character. Together they can make a good walk

Richmond Park [map]

  • Open grassland with low hills, and several enclosed woods.
  • Travel: There are several car parks in the park, or a 15 minute walk from Richmond train/tube station. NB The Robin Hood Gate (A3) is currently closed to cars.
  • Tea room with a terrace and very pretty view of the Thames at Pembroke Lodge.
  • Just north of Pembroke Lodge is the very over-hyped King Henry VIII mound, the highest point in the park with a 'keyhole' view of St Pauls (which you need a telescope to appreciate)
  • The Isabella Plantation is worth a visit.
  • The running track around the park is about 8 miles.

A footbridge over the A3 (busy road) links Richmond Park to Wimbledon Common.

Wimbledon Common

  • less manicured than the Royal Park, mainly 'natural' woodland.
  • car park and cafe by the Windmill (marked on the London A-Z)
  • 10 mins walk from Wimbledon train/tube station
  • easy to get lost as there are many paths, a compass helps
  • at the southwest edge of the common is the pretty Cannizario Park (free)

Putney Heath

  • north east of Wimbledon Common, on the north side of the A3, linked by 2 underpasses
  • not so pretty, but contains a nice pub, The Telegraph (on Telegraph Road)

Thames Path

Using the A-Z as a guide, follow the Thames south from Richmond, and then enter the park via Petersham.

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